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Question from Colorado
*When I am outside during the day, and even sometimes when I'm inside in a dimly lit room, the light begins to bother my eyes, and it seems like they may be crossing. I cannot keep them open, and they tear very badly when it happens.  What could be the cause of this? I do wear contact lenses. Is it related to them?  It sometimes even happens when I'm driving at night. My eyes will react to streetlights and the brake lights of cars in front of me. What can I do?

Your symptoms sound as if you could have some inflammation of the cornea. This would cause the sensitivity to light and tearing. If contact lenses are old or do not fit properly they could be the cause. You could try going without your contact lenses and see if there is a difference. Your best bet is to see your eye doctor.

Question from Michigan
*What are the symptoms of a detached retina and what can you do about it?

Symptoms of retinal detachment include flashes of light, a curtain in front of your vision, a sudden shower of floaters, and sudden decreased vision.   If any of these symptoms are noticed you should contact an ophthalmologist immediately. Retinal tears can be repaired with a laser treatment.   If a retinal detachment occurs retinal surgery is required.

Question from Illinois
*I just had my annual eye test yesterday and my vision is 20/20 but when I took the CPU test it came out that I needed +.5 glasses should this be right.

Many individuals that can read 20/20 on an eye chart may have a slight prescription when tested in the doctor’s office.  Glasses are usually not issued because the prescription is so slight most people will not wear them.   A prescription for +.50 will slightly magnify objects, which can be helpful for those doing a lot of reading.

Question from New Jersey
*I have a 7 year old daughter who has negative behavior following television or computer use.  If she has watched TV she will often complain of pain in one or both eyes.  What do you recommend?

Your daughter should have an eye exam to rule out any problems with her vision. Often, eyes can become painful from eye dryness if a large amount of time is spent staring at the computer or television.

Question from Kansas
*What are the most critical questions that I should ask my doctor regarding pending cataract surgery which will be needed for both eyes?   What would YOU want to know about cataract surgery?

Assuming that you have the information about the risks of cataract surgery and you are proceeding these are the questions I would ask.

I would want to know what the doctor expects my vision to be after the procedure.

Are there any other eye diseases affecting my vision besides cataracts, such as macular degeneration?

What type of glasses will I wear after cataract surgery?

What type of anesthesia is used?

How long is the recovery period?

Question from Alabama
*I have been suffering from the following symptoms for the past two weeks, the onset of which was in conjunction with a slight sinus infection that lasted for about a week: itching that originates at the tear ducts, extreme red irritation in a two inch circumference around the eye (i.e.,
under eye and lid) and raised patches of inflamed skin (probably from the unconscious rubbing that goes on during the night).  I notice that the conditions worsen at night, but still present during the day, which leads me to believe it may be n allergen, but I need to rule out "pink-eye" as I as a part-time teacher at a public school.  Your advice and "diagnosis" would be greatly appreciated!!

What you describe certainly sounds like an allergic reaction.  You should see an eye doctor to make sure it is not related to your sinus infection.  If it is allergy, the doctor will be able to treat that also.

Question from the USA
*I was at a Super Bowl Party with a group of friends enjoying the game and some beers.  One so called friend thought it was funny to use his key chain laser pointer to play with the cat.  This game progressed into pretending it was a laser gun sight like in the movies.  I caught a couple of flashes with one eye (noticeably)only due to the angle from where the beam was coming from.  After threatening him he left me alone and proceeded to bother other people.  The key chain laser was small and was 10 ft away from where I was siting.  As soon as I caught the flashes I closed my eyes.  The duration could not have been much more than a second.   Also during the game he flashed the curvature of the television screen from an angle on many accounts.  My first question is about the possibility of eye damage from the direct flashes?  My second question is whether the refracted light off the TV screen is dangerous?  Everyone else who were flashed thought it was funny. I, however, did not see the humor in these actions!  Could you please inform me as best as you can as pertaining to these incidents. 

The American Academy of Ophthalmology warns against laser pointers because of damage to the eye.  Most schools have banned them because of the potential problems. Please check out this link. http://www.eyenet.org/public/about_aao/press/98/laser_warning.html

Question from Pennsylvania
*There is a small BUMP on eyelid since last 12-13 days, is there any cream without prescription, so I can find in Giant or other pharmacy?

It is hard to tell if your bump is a growth of tissue or an occluded oil gland.  If it is an occluded oil gland, hot compresses or a hot wash cloth to the area should allow the bump to open and drain.  There are over the counter sty ointments that can help. Usually when the occluded oil gland begins it can be sore.  Sometimes the bump will not go away on its own and has to be removed surgically.  The only way to know for sure is to see an eye doctor.

Question from Massachusetts
*I have had 4 subconjunctival hemorrhages in the past 2 month-now I have what appears to be a yellowy, fatty deposit in the white of my eye, where the hemorrhages were (in the white of my eye).  After 2 hemorrhages, my Dr., who is many miles away, said I was ok.  Do I need: a. To be concerned? b.   To get a 2nd opinion?  Thank you

While subconjunctival hemorrhages are like a bruise on the eye and do not require any treatment, having 4 over a 2-month period could be cause for concern. Are you taking an aspirin a day or blood thinning medications? People on the blood thinners can bruise easily. If you have had more you should contact your eye doctor and regular physician.

Question from Singapore
*I have had a gradual increase of floaters for several years now, and I also experience flashes of light, especially in dark conditions.   I also get slight itching and pain in my eyes, on and off several times in a day.   These past few weeks, my eyes have also turned rather reddish now and then (upper part covered by eyelid not affected) for no apparent reason.  What are the possible causes for these?  I would appreciate any advice you could give me! Thanks!!

You should have an ophthalmologist check your eyes.   Increased floaters and flashes of light can be signs of a retinal detachment and should be examined.  The itching and pain could be allergy or infection.  Please call and get an appointment today if you have not already done so.

Question from Georgia
*I have a black eye and I would like to know if this effects the nerves that go to your teeth?  Mine feel numb on the side where my eye is black. And how do you get the swelling down?

We hope by now your swelling has gone down and the numbness has subsided, if not you should see your eye doctor.  Anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen and cold compresses to the area will help to decrease the swelling.

Question about Contacts and Allergies
I wore contacts successfully for about 5 months last year. I   began having trouble with them and I found out that I was allergic to the preservatives in the solution I was using. My doctor waited until my eyes settled down until starting me again with the contacts.  This took about 8 months. I have started to wear contacts again and I feel no discomfort when they are in. My eyes aren't red when I have the contacts in either but when I take them out there is redness that is mostly around the edge of the area closest to the colored part of my eye.  I am using a non-preservative solution and wearing soft lenses. I also have a history with   related hayfever allergies. I really prefer wearing my contacts. Please help.

The best I can recommend is one day disposables.   You need no solutions and you put fresh lenses on your eyes everyday.

**What is "better then 20/20 vision"?  I'd thought that 20/20 was perfect vision, and what can be better then 20/20?  Thanks in advance!

20/20 means you can see at 20 feet what you should see at 20 feet, hence perfect vision.  You can have 20/10 or 20/15 vision which means you see at 20 feet   what most people see at 10 or 15 feet. 

Question about Sunglasses and UV Radiation
**Is there a simple way to test sunglasses for UV protection (A/B)?

No, you need a meter test to read the UV.

Question from New York
I have an infrequent twitching in the lid above my left eye for about a week now. I have been somewhat overstressed and have very little sleep at night for the past month. I usually only wear my glasses when I'm driving, where as I used to wear them quite often.  Could this explain my twitching? Is this a common problem among
any patients?

Lid twitching is a muscle spasm in the eyelid. This is a very common problem and only rarely is indicative of any eye disease. Usually it is the result of fatigue or stress, but in some cases, it can indicate eyestrain such as that which occurs when one is in need of glasses or the glasses prescription is not correct. If this problem persists, a comprehensive eye examination by your eye doctor should be able to delineate any identifiable causes. However, in many cases, this will resolve spontaneously when the associated fatigue or stress has abated.

Question from Alaska
My question is how do various font sizes affect the eye.  Like from font size 10 to font size 8 and lets say in bold.  I myself find this to be very hard on the eyes especially when you have to read from plain text (without bold) to text that is done in bold. The constant changing back an forth can't be good for the eye.  thank you for your time as I have searched high and low and can only come up with computers and eye strain.  The question does pertain to text on paper.   Thank you.

Some people are quite sensitive to the nature of the reading material they regard. As a result changing sizes or contrast can be uncomfortable and create some fatigue or discomfort in the eye muscles. However, this is not damaging to the eye, based on the research that has been done to date. If this is a problem, generally the best solution is to minimize such changes in size or contrast. However, if this is not possible, it is usually not necessary to be concerned that it will cause any damage to the eye. A comprehensive eye examination by your eye doctor can help to determine if any other factors are involved in your symptoms.

Question from Kansas
I've noticed that my iris (colored part) is not completely round on my left eye.  It almost looks like the coloring has been removed or is covered up.  When I look very closely, it doesn't appear to have a film over it.  Is this something I should get checked out?  I am 43 years old.

There are many causes for an asymmetric appearance to the iris. While most of these are not a cause for concern, I could recommend that you get a comprehensive eye examination from your eye doctor to determine what the source is in your case. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Question from Jordan
About Cataract: substituting the lens: using contact lenses : what is this Lens? Is it an ordinary, or magnifying one? Where is the nearest Cataract center in the Middle East?

After cataract surgery either an intraocular lens implant or a contact lens may be used to correct vision.  The function of either of these lenses is to substitute the natural lens of the eye that is removed during cataract surgery.  In both cases, good vision should result.  In searching for a local cataract center, I would recommend contacting the closest university in your country.

Question from New Jersey
My daughter, age 42, was diagnosed 16 years ago as having macular degeneration.  The disease became stagnant until now.  She seems to be having purple flashes in front of her eyes many times a day.  When she went to an ophthalmologist in VA, he mentioned that a Dr. Kent Smith of Calif. diagnosed two brothers from Ireland now living in North Carolina as having this rare condition.   Have you ever heard of such a thing or do you know where a Dr. Kent Smith (eye doctor) might be found?  Thank you very much in advance.

There are rare cases of macular degeneration occurring in younger people, although it is usually a disease of people over age 60. I am not acquainted with Dr. Kent Smith, but the American Academy of Ophthalmology may be able to direct you to his office location. You may also be able to contact a retinal specialist closer to home who may be able to give you further information. Good luck with your search.

Question from Jordan
What can you tell me about Behcet's disease that effects the eye. Is there any  address you recommend me to go to?  Thanks

Behçet's disease causes inflammation at various points in the body, and may create inflammation that is often severe in the eye. The results of this inflammation can be damage to the interior structure of the eye or loss of vision. Behçet's disease can be very difficult to treat, but an ophthalmologist can give you information about your particular case.

Question from Houston
I have very high degree for my both eyes. I have problem getting thin lens. I am wearing contact lens but I feel very uncomfortable. I heard about vision correction surgery but I am not sure how much it costs, how save is the surgery and what kind of surgery is best for nearsighted. I hope you will email me the above information.

Laser surgery for near-sightedness can be very effective, even in people who have rather severe myopia or near-sightedness. In order to get the best information on cost, safety and success in your particular case, I would recommend consulting an ophthalmologist in your area, who performs laser eye surgery. If you have additional questions after your examination, please let us know.

Question from California
Five days ago I began seeing what is best described as a cobweb peripherally in my left eye.  At times there are brief flashes of white light.  Right eye is normal.  Cobweb is constant.  I am 69.  No family history of retinal disorder.  What does this strange "cobweb" mean and how serious is it?  Cataract?  Also, perhaps a month ago I saw tiny black dots; maybe this is the same phenomenon but I don't know.  Please let me hear your thoughts on this subject.  Thanks very much.

A cobweb appearing suddenly in your vision often reflects changes in the vitreous, the gelatinous material that fills the center of the eye. If this is accompanied by flashes of light, it is important to get a comprehensive dilated eye examination as soon as possible, to determine whether there are any retinal problems associated with this situation. In the great majority of cases, no retinal problem occurs, but the only way to determine this is with a comprehensive eye examination. If you have further questions after your examination, please let us know.

Question from New York
**What percentage of ultraviolet rays does cr39 block out without a
UV filter?

With a quality cr39 lens, UV is filtered 86%.

Question from the United States
I had a cataract removed with IOL on 11/19/98.   have  streaks, partial lower halo, some double vision of lights.  Not corrected with soft contact or new glass prescription.  Doctor just prescribed pilocarpine 1% sol. to be used for 8 weeks then if not improved will do "McArdle(?) suture" to repair.  Light is getting in at the top of the implant and needs to be sealed off as this is causing the reflection according to the Dr.  I do have
astigmatism but had no problems such as this before the surgery.  What do you think of this course of treatment and prospective surgical repair?

When an implant is not positioned so that the edges are covered by the iris, symptoms such as yours may occur. When they are transient or treatable with eye drops, that may be sufficient to result in good quality vision. However, if you continue to have symptoms, the McCannel suture procedure usually can reposition the implant so that the symptoms are decreased or eliminated. This is a fairly standard treatment in situations like yours. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Question from Ontario, Canada
I am interested in corrective eye surgery and saw a program on W5 the other day that discussed this type of procedure.  They recommended that the consumer ask what type of laser machine the surgeon will use and is it FDA approved. I have asked my surgeon and they are using a module manufactured by "Physics" and he claims that it is FDA approved.  Is their a government,FDA agency, that I can call to research this or is their a list of approved modules available?

At the present time the excimer lasers that have been FDA approved are those manufactured by VISX and Summit. There are a number of other lasers that are in the FDA approval process. But it appears that the one you heard about is, in fact, a VISX laser and thus it is FDA approved.

Question from Virginia
I am experiencing a lot of eyelid muscle twitching on my right eye.  My job requires me to use a PC 6 hours daily. Is the use of my PC affecting my eyes or causing my eyelid twitching?

Eyelid muscle twitching is a very common problem, which can be spontaneous or can be brought on by stress, fatigue or eyestrain. In general, it is not indicative of any serious eye problem and it may be that your intense use of your eyes on a PC could be creating muscle spasms. However, an eye examination by your eye doctor could determine whether any other cause is present that might be treatable.

Question from Texas
I have recently been diagnosed with Thygeson's Disease.  The Doctor said it is a rare eye disease which is caused by the immune system.  Do you have any information of this?  He is treating it with steroid eye drops and said I could have problems with this the rest of my life.  Please help me try to locate some information on this.  Thank you for your time.

Thygeson's superficial punctate keratitis is a corneal disease whose cause is unknown. It usually results in small surface areas of inflammation or irritation on the cornea. This may result in scratchiness, blurred vision, light sensitivity or even pain. Usually the symptoms can be controlled with anti-inflammatory medications. However, at present, no permanent cure is known. The information you were given is accurate and if you wish to find out more, your doctor may be able to refer you to additional sources of information.

Question from Florida
I get a blood in my eye (the white part, cornea?) periodically from what appears to be a vein that has "burst".  I've heard it's "just one of those things" that happen to some people.  Is that true.   By the way it clears up in a day or two and usually I don't even know it's happened until I look in the mirror or somewhat asks "What's wrong with your eye!?!"   Thanks for your help.

A spontaneous hemorrhage in the white part of the eye is not a serious problem and does not have any long term effect on the health of the eye. However, if these happen frequently, you may have an area of the white of the eye that is particularly sensitive, swollen or inflamed. While this still does not indicate any problem in the majority of cases, you should have an examination by your eye doctor to determine if there are any measures, which might help to prevent additional problems or recurrences.

Question from Washington
Has there been any effective treatments for a "lazy" eye/s?  What types and percentages of chance for correction?

A lazy eye, or amblyopia, can be improved if treated in childhood with patching, glasses, or surgery as needed. However, a lazy eye cannot generally be improved after the age of approximately nine. The laziness generally refers to an inability to see as well as the other eye, despite the use of glasses or contact lenses. If there is a drift in muscle, surgery can sometimes correct the position of the eye even in adulthood. However, this will not improve the quality of the vision in that eye.

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