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Glaucoma Surgery Questions

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The List below consists of Questions that EyeSearch Viewers have Asked EyeSearch regarding Glaucoma Surgery along with the Responses that EyeSearch has provided.

If after a hit on the eye..my brother still could see, but blurred...he then had the glaucoma operation where they put 3 stitches in the eye...they then took out one stitch to see if the fluid would drain by itself...now after the operation he has been told he has very slim chance of getting his sight back..is there anything we can do?

After an injury and subsequent glaucoma surgery, the degree to which eyesight returns is dependent both on the extent of the damage from the injury and on the extent of the damage from the high pressure that necessitated the glaucoma surgery. It appears that there has been an attempt to increase fluid drainage out of the eye. If this has not yet been successful, additional attempts to improve fluid drainage could be performed, though there is no guarantee of success. However, if sufficient damage occurred because of the original injury or because of the high pressure, then it may be difficult to improve eyesight thereafter. A consultation with your brother's ophthalmologist or a specialist in glaucoma surgery would be helpful in determining if any additional surgery or medical treatment would be beneficial. Please contact us if you have further questions.


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