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The List below consists of Questions that EyeSearch Viewers have Asked EyeSearch regarding PRK, photorefractive keratotomy, along with the Responses that EyeSearch has provided.

Question from London, England
I am currently interested in laser eye surgery to cure my shortsightedness.  I am 18 and understand that most clinics only allow people aged 20+ to be admitted to the surgery.   My eye sight is about -3.25 in each eye.Is it possible that my eye sight could worsen before the age of 20?  What is your opinion of PRK surgery?  With my eye sight what are the success rates for 20/20 vision?  Do you know of any alternative sources of improving eye sight?

Correction of near-sightedness with photorefractive keratotomy. is very successful in the range that you have described. However, at age 18 there is still a significant possibility that your near- sightedness could worsen over the next few years, resulting in the need for a repeat procedure or in recurrent near-sightedness despite initial good correction of your vision. The success rates of returning to 20/20 vision in the U.S. studies are approximately 2/3 while nearly 95% have 20/40 or better vision. It may be that your eyesight has already stabilized but it is prudent to consider waiting until approximately age 21, with confirmation of the stability of your prescription over one to two years time. There are other types of treatment that may improve near-sightedness. Please consult the EyeSearch section on refractive surgery regarding procedures such as phakic intraocular lenses and intrastromal corneal rings. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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