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The List below consists of Questions that EyeSearch Viewers have Asked EyeSearch regarding LASIK along with the Responses that EyeSearch has provided.

Three months ago I had LASIK surgery on both eyes.  My original prescription was -5 in both eyes.  I am now on +.25 and -.25, but I still have astigmatism which is affecting visual sharpness.   My surgeon wants to redo the procedure(enhancement) to correct the astigmatism.   Is another operation recommended?  Is this quite common?  Should I then expect the same blurriness post op?  Will this now change my current prescription?   I look forward to hearing from you.

Enhancement after LASIK surgery can often decrease or eliminate any residual astigmatism, if it is bothersome.  If you have an enhancement, it would be with the goal of improving the blurriness by decreasing the astigmatism.  This would change your prescription, but you might well avoid the need for any visual correction thereafter.   As you have probably heard, it is not at all uncommon to have enhancements performed when there is room for improvement in you vision after LASIK.


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