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Blindness Questions

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The List below consists of Questions that EyeSearch Viewers have Asked the Eye Doctor regarding Blindness along with the Responses that EyeSearch has provided.

Question from New Jersey
I am asking this on behalf of a friend who is in India and  is blind. He lost his eye sight  when he was 2 1/2 years old. Now he is 26.  According to the doctor's in India where he went for treatment he was told that he has adherent leukens, leading to staphyleme in Right eye, secondary glouecems, ciliary staphyleme in both eyes. The technical terms which wrote above were from the certificate written by the doctor and I don't understand his handwriting clearly and would like to fax you the letter. If possible please give me your fax number so that I could fax the doctor's report to you and give me an answer whether the problem can solved and he can get his vision back.   Thanks

While I would be happy to examine the information from your friend's doctor, I should mention immediately that if any child loses eyesight at age 2.5 it can almost never be restored despite advances in treatment and technology. The reason is that when the eye has not seen through most of childhood, the nerve connections to the brain do not form properly and even if the eye is later corrected surgically or with another form of treatment, those nerve connections are absent. As a result, the eye may be "cured" and yet vision may not be restored.

However, despite this, if you would like some additional information on this condition, our fax # is 206-320-8145.


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