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EyeSearch has been recognized throughout the Internet as a Quality Website.  Here are some of our accolades, awards and honors.

A Viewer's Reply to an EyeSearch Response of 1/6/00:
Thank you for your information.  It was nice of you to respond so quickly. 
Have made an appointment with the doctor.  Ken R.

An Viewer's Reply to an EyeSearch Response of 1/5/00:
Thank you for your info. My son will be getting fitted for a fake eye, next Friday.  But he is doing really well about it.

A Colorado Viewer's Comment of 1/5/00:
I was very happy to find your web site.  It has provided me with a lot of valuable information.

Madison, WI Viewer's Comment of 11/27/99:
Thank you for sending information on Suspension Eyewear.

A Viewer's Comment of 11/26/99:
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.  Yes, you are correct my husband has had surgery and has had some complications but we are dealing with things one day at a time.  God willing he won't lose his sight.  Thanks again.

A Malaysian Viewer's Comment of 11/26/99:
Due to  irriration in my right eye, I consulted an optician and he used the term pterygium. He was not very clear in his explanation. At this web sight I found all the necessary answers. Thank You.

A Citrus Heights, CA Viewer's Comment of 11/19/99:
I work for Vision Service Plan and came online to get information on the Laser Surgeries for our members.  Your web page gave me a great deal of information.  Thank you.

A Viewer's Reply to an EyeSearch Response of 11/1/99:
Thank you for responding.  My dog's ophthalmologist sees improvement and is pleased, even though it's a slow process.  Anything takes longer to heal with diabetics, so any improvement is a blessing.
  Thank you again, and good luck with your horse's cataracts.

A Viewer's Reply to an EyeSearch Response of 11/1/99:
Thank you for the information,  I did take her to the doctor and that is exactly what he diagnosed. 
Thanks a million.

A Viewer's Reply of 10/25/99:
Thanks.  This makes it a pleasure to do business with you.  I'll be passing the word along.  I mentioned you to my doctor.  His prices are so high.  He may be contacting you soon.  John

A Varna, Bulgaria Viewer's Comment of 10/8/99:
I find www.eyesearch.com a good, useful, comprehensive and offering profound enough information for the non-professional, who is interested in eye-care and prevention. I hope you will keep me informed by your newsletter on really new and innovative solutions for eye-care and treatment and also that you will be the first to do it.  Keep on with the good work!

A Makati City, Philippines Viewer's Comment of 8/13/99:
A great site for people interested in the eyes, blindness prevention and blind rehabilitation.  The Davao School for the Blind, Km 10, Bago Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines will appreciate any help coming from people who are interested in giving blind 5 to 20 year olds get education.

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